Direct to Garment printing has been around for more than 10 years.  We have followed this new way of printing closely, waiting for the correct time to purchase one of these machines.  They have had their ups and downs over the years but we think they have reached a point where it made sense for us to finally get one.  They are basically a big ink jet printer kinda like what you would have at home for printing on paper but instead they print on garments and ours also prints white ink so printing on dark garments is now possible.  The inks used in the printer are formulated to print on 100% Cotton only.  We can achieve satisfactory results on 50/50 but the colors come out much duller than you anticipate, therefor we cannot guarantee print quality on anything other than 100% cotton.

When printing with a Direct to Garment printer the fabric you are printing on plays a major part in what your end result will be.  For best print quality 100% Ring-Spun Cotton is best.  Chances are you have never heard of ring-spun cotton shirts, but you probably own a few already and don’t even know it.  These are the shirts that feel softer and more comfortable to wear than any other shirts you have.  The reason these print the best is pretty simple, the threads are much finer and more compact than a standard combed cotton shirt.  A smoother print surface gives you a better cleaner looking print.  We can still get great results from standard 100% cotton shirts though.