T-Shirt Fabrics Available for Printing

100% Cotton T-Shirts are by far our most popular style. These T-shirts are typically made of cotton fibers (sometimes others), knitted together in a jersey stitch that gives a T-shirt its distinctive soft texture. If you are looking to personalized shirts and other clothing then go to T-shirt fashions include many different styles for both men and women, and for all age groups, including baby, youth, teen, & adult.

50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blends are #2 in line as far as fabric popularity goes. These styles tend to shrink less, & wrinkle less due to the added polyester. The cost is about the same as a 100% cotton T as well. 50/50 blends are usually not as heavy as 100% cotton t’s. But generally speaking ALL t-shirts are within 1 or 2 ounces of each other in terms of total weight.

100% Polyester T-Shirts are the shirt choice of the 21st century. These shirts are generally referred to as “Moisture Wicking” or “Dry-Fit” t-shirts. We offer many different brands, & many different styles of 100% polyester shirts. These shirts are generally light weight, & wick moisture away from your body. Really great not only for today’s athletes but for anyone who likes to stay cool & dry.

Eco-friendly t-shirts have became popular amongst environmentalist, & people that have our environment in mind first. We can help you find the eco-friendly shirt option that is the best option for you. Also if American Made apparel is a must, our sales professionals can assist you with any of these decisions.

Best Decoration Options for T-shirts

Generally speaking, the best option available for decorating t-shirts is ultimately Screen Printing. We are KINGS of the screen printing industry. Silk screening has been our specialty since Ted’s Shirt Shack opened in early 1983.


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