Custom Polo Shirts

Polo’s/Knit Shirts come in all different styles, & fabric types.

100% Cotton – The heaviest of the group.

Ring Spun and Combed Cotton – Natural cotton fiber that has been processed or spun creating a much softer feel and further extended durability.

Jersey Knit – This is a popular category for sure. They are knitted instead of woven. They are Soft and Breathable.

Pique – Knit fabric characterized by raised cords or ribs in an all over waffle, honeycomb, or diamond pattern.

Polyester – Synthetic, Wrinkle, and Stain resistant, holds Color over life span.

Moisture Wicking – Probably the most popular category to date. Wicks moisture away from your body, using special properties of 100% Polyester. Usually cost more than plain cotton, but wait & feel the difference. Well worth the extra cost.

Anti-Microbial – Treated to reduce odor causing bacteria. A big majority of moisture wicking polo’s are treated before being released from the factory.

Performance РMany of today’s performance fabrics combine moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties.

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